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Nuclear Decomissioning

The principals of Laslett International have been involved in the decommissioning of power stations and nuclear sites for over 30 years.

Laslett International delivering major capital projects globally in the Energy, Engineering & Construction sectors

Nuclear decommissioning, similar to offshore oil and gas, entails managing substantial environmental sensitivities. It necessitates thorough consideration, meticulous planning, and close monitoring to effectively address and mitigate potential impacts.

Laslett International's leaders and management have been responsible for Program Management and Project Controls Support for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). This involvement encompassed collaborating with the NDA on a decommissioning initiative encompassing 19 civil public sector nuclear sites. Additionally, the team has furnished Technical Project Management Services to UK Nirex for nuclear facility decommissioning.

Beyond nuclear decommissioning, the team has directly engaged in dismantling major power stations like Battersea, Bankside, and West Thurrock Power Stations.

In both nuclear and offshore oil contexts, the demand for professional project management and meticulous project planning is equally pivotal.

Effectively managing the decommissioning process, whether for nuclear or offshore oil, necessitates a conceptual evaluation of deconstruction methodologies and risk assessments spanning all stages.

Logistics, a central concern in both nuclear and offshore endeavours, require thorough integration of environmental and safety considerations into the project plan to secure regulatory approval.

The challenges encountered in nuclear facility decommissioning mirror those in offshore oil and gas production facility dismantling. Prioritising Health and Safety, Security, and Environmental aspects is a shared priority in both realms. Moreover, engineering, dismantling, and disposal complexities are shared challenges in nuclear and offshore decommissioning.

Visualising a project holistically, while also delving into its intricate components and interconnections, proves invaluable during intricate decommissioning endeavours. Laslett International's VCM Index application achieves this by offering a visual representation of data and links.

It establishes a framework that enhances comprehension of project intricacies, subsequently

benefiting project management processes. This tool facilitates the objective assessment and

comparison of various project options and their potential impacts.


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