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Sustainable Technology Consulting

Our wealth of knowledge and involvement in advising, managing, and successfully delivering upon major global projects keeps Laslett International at the forefront of Sustainable Technology consultancy.

With our decades of experience successfully providing the Oil and Gas Industry with project management solutions, we are  ideally placed to transition into the next era of technology that aims to meet out energy needs sustainably.

We work closely with leading technology providers , governments, and industry stakeholders and help deliver or implement cutting edge technologies

Wind Turbines
Hydrogen renewable energy production. Industrial panorama of a plant where clean energy is

We have considerable experience in the successful delivery of projects implementing established as well as emerging Sustainable Technologies. Our extensive research and analysis alongside ongoing projects ensure we are fore runners of the industry.


  • Green Hydrogen

  • Waste-to-Fuel

  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • Off and On shore Wind

  • Solar

  • Fischer Tropsch Synthesis

  • Syngas Fermentation

  • Municiple Solid Waste Handling, Sorting and Treatment

Pre-Project Feasibility and Risk Assessment Specialists

As Nations and Organisations worldwide push towards greener incentives driven by constantly evolving regulatory framework surrounding the uptake and use of greener energy sources. The need to rapidly innovate and construct facilities using new and emerging technologies carries a significant risk if not carefully mitigated with expert assessment, consultancy and project management.

  • Indicative timelines from Concept Study to Start up

  • Indicative cost estimation

  • Identification of risks to the project value chain

  • Capability and Key Resources investigation

  • Comparison to alternative technologies or Providers 

  • Conclusions and Recommendations

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