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Project Complexity – an experience

Despite being busy with never ending MS Teams and Zoom meetings which have become a way of business life, and which start earlier and earlier I was fortunate to join the recent ICCPM online seminar “What Makes a Project Complex” presented by Collin Smith, it was excellent. It brought back vivid memories of a technology project I participated in hence my brief article to mention some of the unexpected challenges that moved a project from “normal” to “complex”.


Advisory/consulting services for the Decarbonisation Economy.

Decarbonizing the production of electricity and, where not possible, switching to cleaner fuels. Improving efficiency and reducing waste in all sectors. In practice, getting to zero net emissions requires switching to clean energy sources and shifting from fossil fuels to electricity and/or e-fuels.


Despite the endless software available, the traditional values of project management have not changed

Why the 1979s was the age of the mega-project-although you would not have heard it described as such at the time...


Visually representing change events Bob Laslett emphasises the importance of offering a holistic view of project change

One of the biggest challenges to successfully delivering a project is the impact of changes.


New Fellow Bob Laslett Brings Invaluable Experience to ICCPM Network 

In recognition of individual excellence in Complex Project Management, ICCPM’s Fellow Program makes special acknowledgement to highly credible and successful Project and Program Managers with proven track records.


ICCPM Website


Award for expert witness services

The Federation of Forensic and Expert Witnesses has announced this years interdependent awards and has chosen to profile Bob Laslett for his outstanding work.

Organising Decommissioning Project information through visual structures

 VCM Index is an innovative digital transformation application that uses visual communication of data linkages to significantly improve overall management and control of any decommissioning project.

The Importance of Visualisation in Complex Projects

We have found that using a more visual approach

significantly helps as it makes it easier

to demonstrate to both stakeholders and to

those who may be non-technical

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