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Diverless Sub-Sea Decommissioning Vessel

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The managing director of Laslett International was involved in a dispute concerning the engineering and construction of two Diverless Sub-Sea Decommissioning Vessels (DSDV).

These dynamically positioned subsea vessels were designed specifically for the offshore oil and gas sector and are ideally suited for all types of offshore oil industry support including:

  • Subsea Installation

  • Construction Support

  • Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM)

  • Subsea Structures and Pipelines

  • Decommissioning Projects.

These special purpose vessels are ideal for supporting decommissioning where activities such as Well Plugging and Abandonment is always a challenge since this must be done in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

The purpose of the process is of course to isolate the reservoir fluids from the seabed and surface. This must be done with absolute technical integrity. The process may involve intervention with the need to remove down-hole equipment. Subsea well heads must be removed from the seabed.

The process will also involve the removal of the associated well flow-lines and control umbilicals needed to operate the well head. Careful flushing of flow-lines and hydraulic umbilical’s will be required to ensure no loss of associated hydrocarbons.

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