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Laslett International's Carbon-Neutral Commitment: Blossoming Fruit Trees in the Kent Countryside

6th Sept, 2023

Laslett International is based in the Kent, UK countryside. When we moved to our offices there was several acres of supposedly unusable land. We decided to plant trees as a commitment to being carbon neutral as well as improve the biodiversity of the landscape. We planted 2500 fruit trees and 40 Walnut trees (see picture) which have taken a while to get established, we were advised that the ground was not suitable for trees! Our carbon reduction project is now flourishing.

We do not use any pesticides or fertilizers in our orchard; Fruit is left to fall which encourages insects and in turn supports numerous species of birds and other wildlife.

On average, a mature fruit tree can sequester approximately 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year through photosynthesis.

If we assume that the mature lifespan of the trees is 40 years. We can roughly estimate the amount of carbon our blossoming orchard will sequester in its lifetime: 2540 trees * 22kg of CO2 * 40 years = 2235 metric tonnes of CO2

While these calculations are very rough estimates; it is clear that our orchard has greatly contributed to our target of being a Net-Zero company - Perhaps even achieving it already!


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