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Expert Witness since 1988

The principals and associates of Laslett International have been providing Expert Witnesses services for over 30 years.

Laslett International delivering major capital projects globally in the Energy, Engineering & Construction sectors

Experts in; Delay, Quantum, Technical and HSE and have coved such specialisms as Critical Path Analysis, Forensic Cost Analysis, Technical Integrity, Project Management, Engineering, Construction and Operational Health & Safety.

As experts they have given evidence and been cross-examined on numerous occasions, including Queen’s Counsel.

These expert commissions have involved the UK Commercial Courts, LCIA, ICC, LMAA and the Technology and Construction Court. Including cases in the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts and overseas Courts in Norway and the DIFC Courts in the Middle East.

Specific expert witness examples have included:

Chemical & Petrochemical cases have involved;

Crude Oil Refineries, an LDPE Process Plant, a Speciality Chemical Plant and a Lubricants Processing Plant.Cargo Ships cases have included Multi-purpose Heavy Lift Dry Cargo Vessels. Bulk Carriers, Ro-Ro Vessels and Product Carriers.Fabrication & Construction cases have included; Process, Accommodation and Utilities Module Fabrication, Steel Structures, Infrastructure Buildings, Structural Steel Bridge and Access-ways, etc.

Wind Farm cases have included both On and Offshore Wind Farms and involved Engineering, Fabrication and Installation and specifically Offshore the Wind Turbine Support Structures.

FPSO’s cases have included; New Builds, Conversions and Upgrades.Pipelines, Gas Storage and Tank Farms – International Crude Oil Pipelines, Trans-Continental Gas Pipelines and Oil and Gas Storage Installations.Offshore Drill Rigs – Jack-up Cantilever Rigs, Semi-Submersibles and Deepwater drill rigs. Salt Cavern Gas Storage involving the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of European Salt Cavern Storage and Processing Facilities.Special Purpose Offshore Vessels – Multi-purpose Supply Vessels, Offshore Survey Vessels, and Diverless Sub-Sea Decommissioning Vessels.

Energy cases have involved; Power Generation and Transmission, Power Cable damage due to Infrastructure Project.M&A – involvement in Complex Cross Border Assets which has included Technical, Health & Safety and Technical Opinion regarding Asset and Facilities Valuation.

Providing experts across a diverse range of industry sectors involving; Energy, Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical & Industrial Process Plants, Shipbuilding and Marine, Electricity Power Generation, Renewables – Wind, Wave, Tidal, Solar and Biofuels, Civil Construction and Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Manufacturing and Pipelines, Infrastructure and Utilities.


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