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Digital Technology Changing Business Culture

The spread of digital technology has created a myriad of new products, services, connections, concepts, visions, efficiencies and facilities that were just not available to people in the past.

Laslett International delivering major capital projects globally in the Energy, Engineering & Construction sectors

It is vital for a business and an operational necessity to invest in advanced business technology to improve performance, efficiency, capture cost savings and increase profitability. So there exists a need to grasp change, especially digital technology which offers so much but this is where Laslett International can facilitate the transition by communicating the benefits of change and the necessary evolution that conveys staff to a more sophisticated level enabling the full utilisation of new technology so that business performance is boosted fast.

People are easily frustrated by what they perceive as difficult or overly complex non-adaptive inoperable systems which means they become reluctant or blockers of change which are essential for a business to drive forward and be ever more successful. Especially in today’s highly competitive market.

We understand change and know there is a better way to achieve changing a business’s culture to embrace new digital technology.

Laslett International promotes communicative and collaborative behaviours which positively contribute to accelerating digital transformations faster than an organisation can do on its own.

By embracing a communicative and collaborative behaviour we can help and support our clients through the cultural change needed to attain new levels of performance.

There has never been a more exciting time to be digital.


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