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Acquisition and Integration

The principals of Laslett International including managing director Bob Laslett were engaged by one of the top three global independent oil corporations to provide project management, project planning and scheduling and project support services for the acquisition and integration of Germany’s largest oil company.

Bob and his team were involved throughout this momentous and successful project.

This involvement commenced with the pre-acquisition work scope definition and planning and continued through day 1 (Operational control), the first 90 days, integration, synergy delivery and completion.

Bob and team were involved in the pre-merger integration, a contribution that enabled a successful day 1.

Bob and team were part of the integration programme office and directorate providing project management and support to the entire programme, including all of the businesses and service functions impacted by this particular deal.

In addition support was provided to the programme in terms of legal completion, country implementation, communication and baselining.

The countries impacted by this deal were Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Luxembourg and Austria.

Each country had individual regulatory requirements, national implementation dates, reputation and processes/systems to consider.

Activities within key enablers such as finance and accounting, IT, HR and HSSE needed to be considered on a country by country basis.

This deal comprised many different facets including divestments as well as a very significant amount of integration in respect to both businesses and service functions. However, because the brand was very strong with an excellent reputation it was retained.

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