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Specialist experts providing services to improve the performance of our clients’ capital projects, critical business issues and opportunities across many industries and geographies.

Our very distinctive approach is delivered by senior experts to ensure that our clients’ achieve their objectives.

Laslett International was founded on the concept that we could significantly help and support companies and organisations with our in-depth expertise and extensive experience.

Our strength lies in the combination of management and technical expertise that enables us to provide real-world solutions to challenging and complex projects, programs and business issues.

We have gained an enviable reputation through the quality of our people and the services that we deliver.

Our Consulting Services include; Corporate Services, Project & Program Management, Engineering & Operational Management and Expert Witness Services.

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Our senior people have many years of experience in the successful delivery of major capital and business projects and programs globally.

This experience covers the complete project life-cycle from concept to commissioning. Our project management services are built on a bed-rock of experience gained by our people in the delivery of all types and sizes of both capital projects and business programs in many geographies.

We have a very professional and structured approach to our project and program consulting services to ensure step by step agreement and performance satisfaction for every client on every assignment we undertake.

  • Project & Programme Management

  • Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Critical Path Analysis

  • Project Controls

  • Contracts & Cost Engineering

  • Compliance & Risk Assurance

  • Procurement, Expediting & Logistics

  • Project Audits

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Systems & Procedures


We provide a range of consulting and contracting services to support engineering and operational management for clients involved in delivering capital projects and in operating capital plant and infrastructure.


We cover a range of industries including; offshore oil and gas, chemicals, oil refineries, shipbuilding, power generation and distribution, nuclear, pipelines, heavy construction and infrastructure, transportation, industrial process plants and renewables.

Our strength is in having people with not only technical and business experience but also expertise in both project implementation and hands-on operational management.

  • Engineering Management Process

  • Emergency Management

  • Engineering and Safety Risk

  • Technical Integrity Review

  • Project Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Operations Management

  • Operational Safety

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Risk Management


Our senior people have a wealth of experience in successfully providing corporate support and help to global enterprises. This has included M&A where we have extensive experience working throughout the full M&A lifecycle which means we can help in identifying all the value drivers and the dimensions critical for realising the optimum deal value.


The significant worth that we are able to add in respect to M&A projects comes from

our unique ability to apply project management tools and techniques to the M&A process. This is especially the case when critical timing issues or complex cross border activities are involved.


We can provide complete assurance in respect to ensuring that every M&A task is co-ordinated and completed in a timely manner thus guaranteeing a successful conclusion to any M&A project.  We have the experience to plan, track and manage all corporate services and professional advisers work for any M&A project however complex or challenging.  We also have a unique tool for the identification, measurement and delivery of synergies.

  • Capital Investment Appraisals

  • Due Diligence

  • Insurance Reviews

  • Corporate Risk Review

  • M&A

  • Corporate Governance

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Reviews

  • Contracting Philosophy

  • Business Strategy


​Our highly experienced professionals are often called upon to provide expert witness services, from pre-litigation support through to written court compliant reports and giving evidence in court.

  • Project Management

  • Project Engineering

  • Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Delay Analysis

  • Operational Health, Safety & Environmental

  • Asset Integrity-Process Safety Management

  • Procurement

  • Inspection & Technical Evaluation

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Quantum

We only become involved in cases in the following sectors as these are where our in-depth expertise and very substantial experience allow us to provide an unequalled service.

  • Engineering & Construction

  • Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Petrochemicals

  • Pipelines

  • Chemicals and Industrial Process Plants

  • Shipbuilding

  • Electricity Power Generation

  • Renewable Energy

  • Heavy Construction and Infrastructure

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Green Hydrogen and e-fuels

Laslett International’s Managing Director Bob Laslett was engaged by a global oil company to provide support and more specifically programme management for a ground-breaking e-fuels programme during 2019 and 2020.

Obviously, a lot of what was involved and covered in this programme must and will remain confidential. However, following the completion of this e-fuels programme consultancy Bob and Laslett International have continued to provide advisory consulting services and project support concerning the decarbonisation of transport, power-to-fuels, renewables, direct air capture and green hydrogen.

Laslett International has experience and expertise in the implementation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, the design and development of green hydrogen production facilities, the transportation and storage,  and the sustainable use of renewable energy resources.

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