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Visual Case Management

Organising case information through visual structures

A cloud based application that has been designed to improve how complex case information is presented and managed.  

Using a combination of text based indexes and visual structures case information can be organized and presented through different lenses.  View case information from a court procedure perspective or events against a timeline, hierarchy, data relationships, geographic and many more.

Case data structures that are more intuitive to navigate


Create multiple structured presentations that engage your audience. Present information and explanations to complex issues in a way that is easily understood. 

Present case information using visual story telling modes


Large case files can be overwhelming and difficult to search, using the power of VCM Index even the most complex cases can be organised and searched quickly.  Saving time and improving efficiency.

Indexed data enables case information to be easily searched


The flexibility to access information from any internet connection with the capability to control and monitor who has access.  Reduce the need to carry information around.

Secure cloud based solution enables access from any internet connection


Empower your teams to collaborate and share within a safe and secure environment. A common centralised solution that enabling everyone to be up todate.

Share case information and collaborate online in real-time


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