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Nuclear Decommissioning

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The principals of Laslett International have been involved in the decommissioning of power stations and nuclear sites for over 30 years.

Nuclear (like Offshore Oil & Gas) but probably even more so have very significant Environmental Sensitivities which must be considered and planned for and managed closely during Decommissioning.

Specifically, the principals and management of Laslett International have been responsible for the Programme Management and Project Controls Support for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). This has included working with the NDA on a decommissioning programme involving 19 civil public sector nuclear sites.

Also, the principals and associates of Laslett International have been involved in the provision of Technical Project Management Services to UK Nirex for decommissioning nuclear facilities.

In addition to the nuclear decommissioning we have been directly involved in the decommissioning of several major power stations including; Battersea, Bankside and West Thurrock Power Stations.

The requirement for professional project management and especially very detailed project planning is as essential in a nuclear decommissioning as it is for an offshore oil and gas facility.

The management process whether for a nuclear or offshore oil decommissioning requires a conceptual assessment of the deconstruction method and a risk assessment associated with all stages of the decommissioning and dismantling process.

The logistics of both nuclear and offshore activity is a major consideration as it is in any nuclear or offshore construction project. The project plan must incorporate all environmental and safety considerations to be able to demonstrate all aspects of the decommissioning for the purposes of regulatory approval.

The challenges faced in decommissioning a nuclear facility are very similar to those in decommissioning an offshore oil and gas production facility. Health and Safety, Security and Environmental figure prominently in both nuclear and offshore oil decommissioning projects. Also, the technical challenges concerning engineering, dismantling and disposal are numerous in both nuclear and offshore decommissioning.

The visual representation of a project which shows both a holistic overview as well as the individual parts including the linking of all essential details can be very beneficial when executing a complex decommissioning project. Our VCM Index application provides just such a visual representation of both data and links.

It provides a framework for understanding the complexities of a project which positively helps with the project management process. It enables us to view and compare the potential impact of different options for the project in a much more objective manner.

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